Delivering agricultural solutions, protecting our planet’s resources.

Food brings us together and nourishes our lives. But everything we eat requires resources to produce. Land, water, energy and people are critical to putting food on our table.

At Monsanto, we’re focused on working with others to deliver agricultural solutions that address our biggest challenges – things like climate change and resource conservation – while sustaining the environment. It’s our way of helping protect the earth that feeds us.


Access to safe, affordable food

We’re nearly 22,000 dedicated employees with a focus on making healthy, nutritious food possible. Chances are, we’ve helped play some role in the food on your plate. And here’s how.

We help farmers produce nutritious, plentiful food in a sustainable way. We think holistically about how food is grown so farmers have the tools they need to get the most out of every acre and every harvest – and so you have access to safe, affordable food.

Knowledge is key to sustainability

Farmers have always been highly motivated to make sustainable choices about their crops. But a farm is an incredibly complex operation. Imagine trying to run a business that requires an intimate knowledge of hundreds—maybe thousands—of acres of land. Now imagine that business could be substantially affected at any moment by rain, hail, wind, drought or insects.

The bottom line is this: the more easily farmers can see and understand what’s happening (or about to happen) in every field, the better able they are to make sustainable choices. They can plant more seeds in places where they’re most likely to thrive. They can use the right amount of fertilizer to produce the most food. They can scout their fields remotely and address issues before they become problems that might reduce the amount the plant produces.